Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pete Dexter's God's Pocket

11. God’s Pocket, Pete Dexter. Fiction, 2-8, p. 274

My 11th book of 2006 was Pete Dexter’s first, God’s Pocket. Dexter is a terrific writer; one of my favorites. Think Elmore Leonard with an edge.

God’s Pocket was better than I had anticipated. It is one of those books that doesn’t go where you think it will. The narrative begins focused on a couple of characters and only later do you realize they’ve dropped from the story, only to re-appear near the conclusion.

Humor is an unexpected bonus in God’s Pocket. In that sense this novel reminds me of something by Carl Hiaasen.

Dexter has written six novels. I especially recommend God’s Pocket, Deadwood, Paris Trout and Train, his most recent effort.

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