Saturday, January 01, 2011

My 2010 Reading List

1. My Father Is A Book, Janna Malamud Smith
2. Literary Life, Larry McMurtry
3. Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens
4. Half Broke Horses, Jeannette Walls
5. The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman
6. Shadow Tag, Louise Erdrich
7. The First Rule, Robert Crais
8. Rizzo’s War, Lou Manfredo
9. The Lock Artist, Steve Hamilton

10. The Hidden Man, David Ellis
11. Gutshot Straight, Lou Berney
12. Give My Poor Heart Ease, Voices of the Mississippi Blues, William Ferris
13. The Godfather of Kathmandu, John Burdett
14. Food Rules, Michael Pollan
15. A Quiet Belief in Angels, R.J. Ellory
16. Doors Open, Ian Rankin
17. The Mexican Tree Duck, James Crumley
18. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot
19. After the Sundown, Pat Jordan
20. The Price of Love and Other Stories, Peter Robinson
21. The Farmer’s Daughter, Jim Harrison
22. To Hell on a Fast Horse, Mark Lee Gardner

23. Rebel Yell, Alice Randall
24. The Burning Land, Bernard Cornwell
25. The Possessed, Elif Batuman
26. The Blue Horse, Rick Bass
27. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Helen Simonson
28. Willie Mays, The Life, The Legend, James S. Hirsch
29. The Surrendered, Chang-Rae Lee

30. Solar, Ian McEwan
31. The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag, Alan Bradley
32. A Family Daughter, Maile Meloy
33. Franklin Pierce, Michael F. Holt
34. Blackout, Connie Willis
35. Once A Spy, Keith Thomson
36. A Reader on Reading, Alberto Manguel
37. Watch, Robert Sawyer
38. The Unnamed, Joshua Ferris

39. Behind the Scenes at the Museum, Kate Atkinson
40. Suite Francaise, Irene Nemirovsky
41. Notes From A Small Island, Bill Bryson
42. Filthy English, Peter Silverton
43. Where the God of Love Hangs Out, Amy Bloom

44. 61 Hours, Lee Child
45. The Last Good Kiss, James Crumley
46. The Devil’s Redhead, David Corbett
47. The Hand That First Held Mine, Maggie O’Farrell
48. The Girl with Glass Feet, Ali Shaw
49. The Trade of Queens, Book Six of the Merchant Princes, Charles Stross
50. Roger Maris, Baseball’s Reluctant Hero, Tom Clavin and Danny Peary
51. Do They Know I’m Running?, David Corbett

52. Burley Cross Postbox Theft, Nicola Barker
53. Spies of the Balkans, Alan Furst
54. Case Histories, Kate Atkinson
55. Books Do Furnish A Room, Leslie Geddes-Brown
56. Black Cherry Blues, James Lee Burke
57. The Case for Books, Robert Darnton
58. The Jennifer Morgue, Charles Stross
59. Still Life, Louise Penny
60. When That Rough God Goes Riding, Greil Marcus
61. The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, Jonathan Coe
62. One Good Turn, Kate Atkinson
63. Bicycle Days, John Burnham Schwartz

64. Faithful Place, Tana French
65. Work Song, Ivan Doig
66. The Friends of Eddie Coyle, George V. Higgins
67. Kings of the Earth, Jon Clinch
68. The Margarets, Sheri Tepper
69. A Fatal Grace, Louise Penny
70. I Curse the River of Time, Per Petterson
71. Layover in Dubai, Dan Fesperman
72. The Only Game in Town, Sportswriting from The New Yorker, ed. David Remnick
73. Hollywood, Larry McMurtry
74. Tinkers, Paul Harding
75. Composed, Rosanne Cash

76. Lyndon B. Johnson, Charles Peters
77. Bad Boy, Peter Robinson
78. It’s a Book, Lane Smith
79. Cardboard Gods, Josh Wilker
80. The Fuller Memorandum, Charles Stross
81. Drown, Junot Diaz
82. Freedom, Jonathan Franzen
83. Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Shteyngart
84. Packing for Mars, Mary Roach
85. The Cruelest Month, Louise Penny
86. Jimmy Carter, Julian E. Zelizer

87. Started Early, Took My Dog, Kate Atkinson
88. Think of a Number, John Verdon
89. Bob Dylan in America, Sean Wilentz
90. The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver
91. The 5th Inning, E. Ethelbert Miller
92. Fledgling, Octavia E. Butler
93. Our Kind of Traitor, John le Carre
94. Bloody Crimes, The Chase for Jefferson Davis and the Death Pageant for Lincoln’s Corpse, James Swanson

95. The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi
96. The Last Boy, Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood, Jane Leavy
97. Worth Dying For, Lee Child
98. The Reversal, Michael Connelly
99. Djibouti, Elmore Leonard
100. Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand
101. Room, Emma Donoghue
102. Lord of Misrule, Jaimy Gordon
103. Moonlight Mile, Dennis Lehane

104. Great House, Nicole Krauss
105. Rogue Island, Bruce DeSilva
106. The Last Hero, A Life of Henry Aaron, Howard Bryant
107. The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson
108. So Much For That, Lionel Shriver
109. Hull Zero Three, Greg Bear
110. Parrot & Olivier in America, Peter Carey
111. Colonel Roosevelt, Edmund Morris
112. I Hotel, Karen Tei Yamashita
113. My Reading Life, Pat Conroy
114. Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi

“Fiction had never been Jackson’s thing. Facts seemed challenging enough without making stuff up. What he discovered was that the great novels of the world were about three things – death, money and sex. Occasionally a whale.”

--Kate Atkinson
p. 53, Started Early, Took My Dog

“At least he still had his own hair. Every guy you saw these days had shaved away his male-pattern baldness in a futile attempt to look hard rather than merely hairless.”

--Kate Atkinson
p. 57, Started Early, Took My Dog

“Revolution, O.K., but what cook believes in democracy?”

--Karen Tei Yamashita
p. 444, I Hotel

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