Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blogs of Note

Blogs of interest:

If you can’t find something to read – and I can’t imagine ever having that problem – this site from Random House and Modern Library should keep you occupied for a while. It’s also a site that recommends itself as the launching pad for a debate with a literate friend. Bottle of wine optional.

The physical appearance of Forbidden Library could use some work, but this list of banned and challenged books is fascinating. Who would expect to find Jack London’s Call of the Wild, The Diary of Anne Frank or Gone With the Wind on such a list? The fact that Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 shows up as a “censored” book is exquisite irony. The list of books here is incomplete, but interesting nonetheless.

There are two magazines that all book collectors must subscribe to – Firsts and Fine Books and Collections. Fine Books and Collections is the tonier of the two magazines and definitely pitches itself to the collector with money to spend. The Fine Books blog isn't indispensable, but it is always interesting.

Finally, the site I try to visit daily, the Bibliophile Bullpen. Written by the incomparable Joyce Godsey, this site manages to be both informative and provocative – sometimes in the same post.

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  1. thanks - that's pretty high class company you put me in.