Sunday, April 01, 2007

Books now read in ’07: 28
Title: Blood of Paradise
Author: David Corbett
Genre: Thriller
Date Completed: 4-1
Pages: 406

David Corbett is the best, least-appreciated writer in the thriller genre today. His newest, book, Blood of Paradise only serves to cement Corbett’s unfortunate status. The book is in paperback. After two fine, but largely unnoticed hardbound novels, Corbett is now living among the paperback originals.

Blood of Paradise is set in El Salvador and offers a brutal, unflinching look at the corruption in that country. Events unfold through the eyes of Jude McManus an “executive protection specialist” who like most Americans in El Salvador is on the run from something. In Jude’s case it’s his past – his father was a corrupt Chicago cop and Jude fled Chicago and eventually the country to forge a new life.

It’s a complex book and you may learn more about hydrology and Salvadoran politics than you care to know. To Corbett’s credit, he offers no easy answers in this story of greed and betrayal, in which even trying to do the right thing may be wrong.

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