Sunday, February 25, 2007

Books now read in ’07: 16
Title: Lords of the North
Author: Bernard Cornwell
Genre: Fiction
Date Completed: 2-25
Pages: 314

The best writing in genre fiction can be an intoxicating brew. This is largely true because at heart such writers are storytellers. Think Michael Connelly, George Pelecanos or Robert Crais among mystery writers. Robert Sawyer or Charles Stross in science fiction. In historical fiction – a genre I have studiously avoided in the past – Arturo Perez-Reverte and Bernard Cornwell stand head and shoulders above the pack. Perez-Reverte for the Captain Alatriste series. Cornwell apparently for many works of fiction, but those books which are known to me are the three that make up his Saxon series. Essentially, this is Robert E. Howard’s Conan for adults. It is superb writing and solid historical research that never, never, overshadows the story. And the story is rousing, pulse-pounding fun. Raise a toast of ale to Cornwell for Lords of the North and all the works to come.

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