Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lederer's Poker Face a winning hand

87. Poker Face, Katy Lederer. Poker, 10-2, pp. 209

Katy Lederer is the sister of Howard Lederer and Annie Duke. Anyone who watches one of the ubiquitous poker programs on TV knows that Howard and Annie are two of the more talented and charismatic of the new wave of poker players that have taken Vegas and popular culture by storm.

Poker Face is the story of the Lederer clan, who are both dysfunctional and brilliant, as well as Katy’s efforts to imitate her siblings and join her brother and sister around the rail of the high stakes tables in Vegas. Katy doesn’t succeed in her mission – she understands the game well enough, but is too soft hearted to make a great gambler.

Instead, Katy becomes a writer and poet and that’s all too the good. The result is the lyrical Poker Face and its insights into the heart and mind of the gambler. Poker Face makes it imminently clear that Katy made the correct decision. Although the denizens of Vegas might disagree, we need good writers more than we need another bad gambler.

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