Saturday, January 21, 2006

Reading so far in 2006

I've had a slow start in 2006. Here's the book read to date:
  1. A Gesture Life, Chang-rae Lee. Fiction, 1-4, 356
  2. Shoedog, George Pelecanos. Thriller, 1-7, 200
  3. The Hearing, John Lescroart. Legal Thriller, 1-11, 451
  4. The Second Chair, John Lescroart. Legal Thriller, 1-14, 387
(title, author, genre, date completed and pages)

I like Lee. I didn't think this book was quite as good as Aloft, but it's far, far better than most fiction being written today. Shoedog is an early Pelecanos; his third book. Clearly evident in this thriller are Pelecanos' economical style and rapid pacing, which he masters by his sixth book, King Suckerman.

Lescroart is something of a guilty pleasure. Lescroart's skill in developing characters more than makes up for the somewhat improbable plots.

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